About Me

I enjoy being the channel, the facilitator, tho one who holds a safe space for you to express. I help you to find the answers through a complete relaxation. I offer you my full presence and support for whatever there is to become clear again. I help your physical body to relax and your mind to disappear.

I have been studying and practicing various methods of body-mind work (Reflexology, Ayurvedic therapies, Marma acupressure points, Tuning forks sound healing, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy).

Now I know the most important is the present touch, calm breath and the ability to connect. At some point all the methods disappear and what’s left is just an empty space.

In south Goa I offer Re-connect-In Oil Therapies /Ayurvedic foot reflexology, Marma acupressure massage/, and Workshops of Foot Reflexology, Marma massage training and DIY Natural cosmetics.



Playful woman, passionate about joyful living and out-of-mind experiences

Free dancer

Ukulele begginer

Nature and animal lover



Shankaprakshalana cleanse practitioner

Ayurvedic therapist, reflexologist and body-mind explorer on the path of yoga

My life has been enriched by amazing teachers and study programs: